Direct Marketing

????????????????????????????????????????Are you looking for ways to save money on your marketing; but are afraid that reducing your ads will shrink your sales even further?  What a dilemma!

Times are tough, but you can’t just cancel your ads.  Right?  Well… to a point.  It’s true that companies that survived the great depression in the 30’s were those that advertised straight through the crisis.  But the Internet didn’t exist in the 30’s.

Today we have “offline” and “online” tools that you can combine to stretch your marketing budget.  And at Accurate Communications we’ll tell you how.

Imagine combining postcards, bookmarks, flyers, or any other printed media with an Internet strategy designed to promote products and services, create mailing lists or identify new markets.  All this and much, much more is possible without breaking the bank.

And what about your ads?  Well. when it comes to ads you’ll probably agree that size matters.  Of course it does!  The bigger they are the more they cost!

Imagine if you could place a small, well designed, ad that would lead people straight to an address on the Internet where you could have all the space in the world.  Do you think it would work?  How did you get to this page?

Something weird happens in Puerto Rico when it comes to the Internet.  Puerto Ricans consider Facebook and the Internet pretty much the same thing.  The problem with this conceptual association is that Facebook is a place where people hang out.  They don’t go there to buy.

????????????????????????????????????????Using a combination of “offline” and “online” media allows us to handhold the customer and lead him straight to where we want him to go.  And the best thing is that you attract “segmented” customers who are looking for concrete solutions.  Once they arrive at your landing page it will all depend on your organization’s ability to fulfill their expectations.

Finally, Accurate Communications offers a series of online services designed to develop and maintain long-lasting relationships between your organization and its publics.  If you want to collect data, conduct surveys, offer training, tests or any other application requiring constant communication with your customers, we can help.

David Ogilvy, one of the most famous marketers in history used to say: “advertising is only expensive when it doesn’t work”.  Think about it.  If you knew of a way to invest one dollar and receive two every single time, how many dollars would you invest?

Call us today and make sure that your online marketing works.  We can help.