Partial Customer List

Throughout the years we have proudly served many of Puerto Rico’s largest and most prestigious organizations.

Here’s a sample!

Abbott Laboratories Puerto Rico
 Adecco (Top Notch/Multiforce)
AMGEN Manufacturing Ltd.
B. Braun de Puerto Rico
Bard Puerto Rico
BASF Agricultural Products
BD Caribe, LTD
Bermúdez & Longo, SE
Caribe GE
Clorox Latin America
Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples
Doral Financial Corporation
First Medical Health Plan, Inc.
Global Pharmaceutical Supply Group, New Jersey / PR, Belgium
IPR Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Corporate Communications, New Jersey
Johnson & Johnson Business Services, Puerto Rico
Liquilux Gas Corporation
MC Realty
Neptuno Networks
Néstor Reyes, Inc.
Ortho Biologics LLC
Ortho Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
PCI Services (A Cardinal Health Company)
Pharmacia & Upjohn Caribe, Inc.
Puerto Rico Freight Systems, Inc.
Roche Diagnostics Puerto Rico
Schering-Plough Products L.L.C.
Searle, Puerto Rico
Stryker Instruments Endoscopy
Wal-Mart Puerto Rico, Inc.