Listen To What Our Customers Have To Say…

“Let me start by saying that Accurate Communications honors its name by being “accurate” in the way that they communicate.  For many years they have helped Néstor Reyes, Inc. communicate in a clear and “accurate” manner (like their name states) and do it in a complete and informative fashion.

Orlando, who I’ve considered my friend for many years, and his wife offer a unique and high quality service and their level of experience is a benchmark for their own industry.  Their ideas and suggestions, coupled with their knowledge and professionalism make for a winning combination.  I highly recommend them to any operation looking to stand out, deliver an accurate message and make a difference in their marketplace.

We will always be grateful to Accurate Communications for all the support that they have given us throughout all these years.”

Edmundo Rodríguez
Néstor Reyes, Inc.


“I have known Orlando and his wife for many years.  They have always been at the forefront of the communications and publishing fields.  In doing so they make our work easier and more effective when communicating with different groups and populations.

If subject matters are outside their realm of expertise, the know how to research and/or identify experts who will complement their knowledge.

Many years ago, when I was HR Director at a different company I hired Orlando and Zory and it was a delightful experience.  Their sense of urgency, responsibility and commitment was, and still is, unequaled.

More recently I always keep up with their online publications “Picadillo” and “Hablando De Tecnología” and always learn something new.”

Michelle Benítez
Past President SHRM
Society for Human
Resource Management
Consultant – Right Track Puerto Rico


“I have known “Orlando” and “Zory” (like I affectionately call them), Mr. and Mrs. Mergal since 1990.  At that time I was president of the local chapter of The Society for Human Resource Management and they were instrumental in the development and launch of “Recurso”, the organizations official publication to date.

Subsequently, we have joined forces on many of my private client projects and they have produced numerous audiovisual presentations, scripts and speeches.  It would take hours to go over all the varied projects in which I have had their help and benefited from their experience and expertise.

Why have I used them for so long?  Let’s just say that their business name is actually a testament to how they work.  Furthermore, they always add quality and excellence to every project.  I always learn something new when I work with them.

Their talent, skills and values not only show in every thing that Accurate Communications does but they spill over to their clients, helping them grow into excellent organizations that give it their all from a professional standpoint.

I recommend them wholeheartedly and hope that many people will benefit from their services.  They are not just suppliers.  I consider them my friends.”

Awilda Marrero, AM Group
Past President SHRM
Society for Human
Resource Management


“Your services have helped us a lot, and above all your advise and your articles in “Picadillo” and other publications. The information has been very useful. I have applied many of your suggestions for my own business.

And one of the things that I like the most is the way that you write… and the way that you explain things.

We are very proud and happy to consider you a friend and a true advisor for our business.

Do I recommend you?  But of course I do.  I always have.  In fact I forward most of your “Picadillo” articles because they are outstanding.

Another example is “Hablando de Tecnología”.  You always stay at the leading edge of technology and bring that information to your listeners. Not only have I learned a lot, but the information has been extremely useful for our business.

I will always continue using your services and reading your articles. I love the way that you treat your clients, the quality of your work and your sense of professionalism.”

Germán Ucrós
Independent Insurance Producer