The 10 Most Common Mistakes People Make When They Write

For most people there is nothing more threatening than a blank word processor screen. Originally it was a blank sheet of paper, but since most of us use word processors nowadays, the blinking cursor in your face has become the worst feeling in the world.

Unfortunately, most jobs nowadays require writing skills. Indeed, in a series of interviews that we conducted recently among vice presidents, directors and HR managers at world-class organizations, good writing skills were among the top desirable qualities they looked for in a candidate. And the more people rise in an organization the more they’ll need to be good writers.

Sadly, for most people writing is almost as appealing as getting a “root canal.”

In this series -in Spanish- we summarize “The 10 Most Common Mistakes People Make When They Write”. I hope you find them useful.

Aprender a Redactar 01 - Introducción
Aprender a Redactar 02 - No Saber
Aprender a Redactar 03 - Falta de Investigación
Aprender a Redactar 04 - Errores Gramaticales
Aprender a Redactar 05 - Yo, yo, yo,yo, yo
Aprender a Redactar 06 - Circularidad
Aprender a Redactar 07 - Uniformidad
Aprender a Redactar 08 - Evita Las Mayúsculas
Aprender a Redactar 09 - Evita Los Anglicismos
Aprender a Redactar 10 - Evita El Plagio
Aprender a Redactar 11 - Utiliza Un Sistema