The 25 Most Common Mistakes Business People Make When Using The Internet

Have you seen a phone book recently? The other day I got one and it was a sad spectacle. I have magazines that have more pages.

In today’s business world the Internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Why? Because your prospects don’t look in the phone book when they need a product or service. They search the Internet.

However, most business people aren’t Internet savvy. They are experts, or at least that’s what one would expect, at what they do. For them the Internet is merely something that you have to try to keep up with.

And what happens? They make mistakes. Some are obvious and others not so much.

In this series we’ve chosen the 25 most common mistakes business people make when using the Internet for business and we explain exactly why they are important, and -even more important- how to avoid them.

This series is in Spanish!

Error 01 - No Tener Presencia En La Internet
Error 02 - No Tener Un Dominio Propio
Error 03 - Contratar A Un Principiante
Error 04 - No Tener Las Cuentas A Tu Nombre
Error 05 - Usar El Texto De Tus Materiales Impresos
Error 06 - No Identificar Los Términos De Búsqueda
Error 07 - Contenido Rancio
Error 08 - Usar
Error 09 - Usar Tecnología
Error 10 - Usar
Error 11 - No
Error 12 - Usar Técnicas
Error 13 - Demasiada
Error 14 - No Registrar Tu Página En Los Motores De Búsqueda
Error 15 - No registrar Tu Página En
Error 16 - No Promover Tu Página En Medios Tradicionales
Error 17 - No Recoger Direcciones de Correo Electrónico
Error 18 - Preguntar Demasiado
Error 19 - No Usar Video
Error 20 - No Usar Audio
Error 21 - Enviar SPAM
Error 22 - No Incluir La Dirección y los Teléfonos
Error 23 - No Incluir Un Mapa
Error 24 - No Incluir Las Coordenadas De GPS
Error 25 - Publicar Tu Dirección De Correo Electrónico