Communicating With Orlando, Series 1

I’ve been producing videos on various topics about communications for a long time and placing them on my YouTube channel. However, I had not placed these programs on the Accurate Communications site until now.

And it’s no wonder why I’m doing it. These programs cover various topics about communications, marketing, public relations and how to land a job in an increasingly difficult market.

Moreover, for a long time I didn’t pay much attention to this particular YouTube channel, which is directly related to my main business “Accurate Communications”,  because I was concentrating on my travel blog “Puerto Rico By GPS”. But that just changed. I recently started the second season of my popular series titled “Communicating With Orlando” – brief advice on communications to help you in your day to day business.

If you have a large or small business, or if you work in an organization where you need to improve your communication skills, this new series is for you.

To start, here are the 8 original videos -in Spanish- produced almost 6 years ago, that started it all.

[srizonytalbum id=1]