Digital Audio Production

Did you know that audio is one of the most effective and underused ways to get your marketing, public relations and training messages across?  That’s right!  It’s more economical than video and it allows your audience to do other things while they’re listening to your message.

Let’s face it, we live in a multitasking society.  People have so many things to do, and so little time, that they can’t spare an hour to sit and watch a video.  But they’ll listen to your message while they’re doing house chores, driving, at the gym, or even while they are at the office doing their job.

Furthermore, audio is a more personal medium.  Common interruptions like office conversations, household noise and bustling traffic can distract and even endanger your audience when trying to watch a video.  But most people use ear buds to listen to their audio, so your message arrives straight to their ears undisturbed.

And finally, audio is faster, easier to produce and more economical.  That’s right.  Your message can be recorded today and put on the web in a couple of days, thus assuring that your content will be timely and relevant.  And since audio production requires a lot less work it will be easier on your budget as well.

So what kind of audio can we produce?

Conferences and Training Sessions

Conferences and training sessionsHow much does you company spend on training sessions?  If you answered “thousands” —or even millions— you are not alone.  The cost of training has skyrocketed.  Yet, most of it is lost.  That’s right!  Trainers stand in front of an audience for hours, and when they finish all that’s left is the memory of a great event… “words in the wind”.

Conferences are even worse.  Have you ever brought together a panel of experts to discuss an important subject?  What’s left after they’re done?  Nothing!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could record these events and slowly but steadily build a library that you could consult over and over again?  Of course, many professional speakers won’t allow it.  But in the case of in-house events, where you control everything, it’s perfectly doable.

At Accurate Communications we’ll record clean crisp audio of your event, edit it to perfection and deliver it on CDs, DVDs or any other media.  We can even deliver it online using password protected streaming audio players that work equally well on computers, tablets and smartphones.


PodcastingPodcasting is hot!!! Have you heard? Want know why?  Mainly because of Smartphones!  There are approximately 1 billion smartphones in the world and each one is a “podcast receiver”.

That’s right!  It used to be that listening to podcasts was something that only nerds would do.  You had to go to a podcast aggregating site like “iTunes”, subscribe to a podcast, download the different episodes to your desktop computer, synchronize your portable device (usually an iPod) to your computer and download what you wished to listen to.  It’s no surprise that only hardcore geeks listened to podcast.

Today, all that has changed.  Most smartphones allow the listener to stream podcasts directly to his/her device allowing for instant listening pleasure.  Furthermore, services like Stitcher, TuneIn and Miro bring thousands of podcasts from all over the world into the Internet-ready radios of the latest BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Mini, Ford and General Motors vehicles, thus creating an entirely new audience.

And in case you don’t know what a podcast is, think of it as your own radio show, delivered over the Internet through a syndicated feed.  And since the potential audience is so huge you can pinpoint a specific niche and create content specifically tailored to that segment.

Now, I won’t lie to you.  For the novice the idea of creating a podcast can be daunting.  But at Accurate Communications we’ll guide you through every step of the way.

Would you like to listen to an example?  Visit our own weekly Hablando de Tecnología and listen in.  We’ve been podcasting for a long, long time and we’re still going strong.

Corporate Communications

Another memo?  Really?  Another email?  Give me a break!  Most people are overwhelmed by messages… all kinds of messages.  Want to know why?  Because they can’t keep up!

Every morning, when they startup their computers, they get a barrage of messages in their in box.  Sorting through them alone deprives them of precious time that they could be using more productively.  So what do they do?  They erase a considerable amount without even opening them.

Meanwhile, writing takes time and effort.  So what happens when someone like you invests time and effort crafting a message and nobody reads it?  Everybody loses.  That’s not only true of emails and memos.  It’s also true of corporate newsletters and flyers.  They end up in the garbage bin… unopened and unread.

So why not try something different?  Why not record audio messages and place them on your Intranet?  That way your employees could listen to them while they’re doing other work.  Or why not play them at intervals over the company intercom system… or over the phone system… or on a small sound system near the cafeteria line?  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Remember, you can’t force people to read everything you write, but they won’t cover their ears whenever they hear your message.

And, once again, at Accurate Communications we can help you design an employee communications program that will truly get your important information across.

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