The 25 Most Common Mistakes That Job Hunters Make

About three years ago I undertook the task of identifying what are the criteria that HR executives follow to recruit personnel.  I wanted to learn why some people were unemployed for long periods of time despite having a resume that they considered good and constantly attending interviews.

To identify these criteria I interviewed 12 human resource executives at world-class organizations.  Thus I collected the opinions of people who actually recruit people on a constant basis.

As a result of what I learned I produced two DVDs with a total duration of almost 5 and a half hours in which each of these executives reveals his/her views on the most important issues when seeking employment. These DVDs are sold on this site and on other Internet properties that I own.

However, I wanted to create this series of short capsules which include some of the most common mistakes that candidates make during the job hunting process. Obviously, these free capsules don’t even cover a fraction of what’s discussed on the DVDs, but they can help you eliminate those little slips that can deprive you of a job without even knowing it.

This series is in Spanish

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