Digital Video Production


digital-video-productionAt Accurate Communications we believe that careful planning, a solid script and effective visuals are the key elements of a top notch video program.

Many companies fill their customer’s programs with three-dimensional images that fly all over the screen, break into millions of pieces, and fall back together in an overwhelming plethora of digital wizardry. In the end, the customer is left with an expensive and ineffective digital showcase, that often has very little content and questionable communications value.

Our straightforward/no-nonsense approach assures effective programs that get your message across without putting your budget in the red. The key to effective programs is careful planning and a solid script, followed by carefully crafted visuals and meticulous editing.

Just think about it; how many digital tricks do you see in a Steven Spielberg movie? In fact, the most sophisticated —those that have earned him all the recognition— are so well crafted into his movies that they become invisible. The name of the game is “telling the story”.

Of course, we use the latest digital video and audio editing systems, loaded with the most recent software packages, graphics collections and buy-out music libraries. But, what makes us unique is our systemic approach, our managerial mindset and our reputation in terms of timeliness and reliability. Let’s take a look:



Accurate Communications has taken video to the next logical step. Imagine a scenario where participants could watch a video, read all the necessary materials, take a test, and receive their results instantly! Now imagine a system that could e-mail those results to the participant’s supervisor/manager and/or to the HR department, while also compiling a database with every detail of each transaction. Finally, imagine a system that could produce a monthly report sorted by department, shift, or any other criteria, that would include test dates, employee numbers, grades, etc. Just think of all the time, effort and money a system like this would save!!!


Our Insti-Tests enabled programs can do this and a lot more! Test results can be reported individually or grouped by date, department, shift, etc. Marketing and Public Relations programs can be linked to surveys where practitioners can collect valuable data about their target audience. We’ll even supply our customers with the actual database in the popular Excel format, for further processing and number crunching.



We’ve all heard the horror stories. A company invests thousands of dollars on a training program, uses it for a couple of years and decides to update it. They call the production company and discover that the original materials no longer exist. Their legal rights? None. The sad fact is, that there is no law forcing a production company to keep jobs on file indefinitely. Vendor responsibility ends when the final project is delivered! In fact, many companies recycle these materials, not because of their environmentalist mindset, but simply to keep their costs low!

At Accurate Communications we believe in added value! That’s why we keep each project on file, including the original script, footage, voiceover, music bed and ancillary documents as long as the customer maintains an ongoing relationship with our organization. This allows us to “bring back” the project several years later and perform whatever updates are necessary. The result, happy customers that realize the full potential of their investment!

Here are some samples of videos we have produced: