Digital Video Subtitles



If your video doesn’t have subtitles you still have work to do…

Think about it… Which language do people select the most when they visit an ATM machine in Puerto Rico? After 30 years in the market, Cable TV as an industry accounts for a comparably small percentage of the Island’s total TV market! Have you noticed how many Spanish subtitled videos are on the shelves at Blockbuster(tm) or Video Avenue(tm)? The fact is, that after 100+ years of North American influence, Puerto Rico is still a predominantly Spanish speaking country.

Managers at many local pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies have discovered that subtitling is a cost efficient way of increasing comprehension of corporate videos produced in the United States.

At Accurate Communications we transcribe, translate and subtitle your video master (without touching your original) in English or Spanish. Services include: transcription of the original program, translation, non-linear digital subtitling and production of a digitally subtitled master.