Web Content Writing



So you’re starting a website? How hard could it be, right?  After all, the kid down the street says he can have it up and running in no time.  He seems kind of strange, sort of a nerd.  But he knows his way around computers and he’s cheap!  Can’t beat that in tough times like these…  Right?

Wrong!!! Web Content Writing (sometimes called SEO Copywriting) is trickier than writing regular business documents could ever be.  Why?  Because every word you write has a direct effect on your website’s placement in the search engines.  And placement is everything!!!  Studies show that web surfers look at the first couple of search engine results pages —commonly known as SERPs— before they give up and enter a new search query.

If you’re starting a blog, it’s pretty much the same thing.  Sometimes it’s even worse.  Imagine writing an article and having to stick to a certain set of words, in a particular order, and still make sense.  Not easy…  But that’s how you get on Google’s first page!

Web content writing is both a craft and a science.  And an exact one at that…  You can take copy from your corporate brochures and repurpose it for the web.  In fact, that’s what most designers will suggest.  But that will land you in the digital boondocks!

Furthermore, web surfers don’t read like regular readers.  Knowing what a visitor will read first and what he/she will read next is just as important as knowing what search engines consider relevant.  Still think it’s easy?

When it comes to web content writing there are no shortcuts.  Every detail that’s overlooked has a direct impact on your website’s placement. And once again, placement is everything.

At Accurate Communications we can help with your web content writing.  We’ve been writing for the web since the 1990’s.  That’s how we got good!  That’s how we learned how to do it right!

Our websites rank well in the search engines, not because of their flashy design, but for their continuous influx of fresh, well-written content.

Even if you presently have a designer, and assuming that he/she is good, he/she is probably not a seasoned writer.  So we can produce your entire website or work with your present designer; whatever suits you best.  Either way you’ll have an attractive, well written website that will rank up there with the big boys on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

And if you want to start a blog, or a corporate intranet, we can help you with that too.  We’ll conduct periodical telephone interviews and write your blog or intranet posts in no time.  Every article will reflect your ideas, positions and personality without the hard work of actually writing every entry.  What could be easier?