Business Writing and Translations


Business Writing

For the inexperienced writer, nothing is more frightening than a blank sheet of paper. Yet, while very few corporate managers have backgrounds in journalism, they’re expected to produce crisp, elegant and effective copy that will get their message across, while reinforcing their corporate image. Furthermore, in many countries, they’re expected to be able to do that in both Spanish and English.

For years Accurate Communications has offered business writing services that assist executives in the production of effective copy for press releases, magazine and newspaper articles, corporate brochures, employee handbooks, corporate communication programs and speeches


If you’re looking for a translator that can easily go from Spanish-to-English or English–to-Spanish then you’ve arrived at the right place.

According to Webster’s Unabridged English Dictionary a translator is someone who is capable of transferring the “meaning” of a word or phrase from one language to another.  Anything else is just a walking/breathing dictionary.  That’s why translation software doesn’t work.  Because it can’t think!  And if it can’t think it’s unable to identify meaning.

To understand that meaning a good translator should ideally be a native speaker of the target language.  Furthermore, a translator should be fluent in your field of business (a fashion translator will hardly be effective in an industrial scenario).

In today’s global environment companies must address publics in their native languages.  More importantly, a translator should be able to supply accurate copy both in semantic and idiomatic terms.

translations-traduccionesFor over 20 years we’ve worked with executives from the industrial, commercial and human resource fields producing crisp translations for business presentations, employee handbooks, corporate policies, standard operating procedures, executive communications, press releases and many other business documents.   More importantly, we treat each document with the utmost degree of confidentiality, regardless of its subject or origin.

Customers receive crisp, error-free translations that are ready to use in their corporate documents. And now the Internet makes it easier than ever. Just send us your copy by e-mail. You’ll receive crisp, error free translations that will convey your message accurately, without ever leaving your desk.