WordPress Site Development


There are two ways to build a website: “the hard way and the WordPress way”.

Some people still build sites the really hard way… and that’s OK.  They create static sites using HTML editors and end up with pages that are literally “written in stone”.  Every time you have to change a comma you’ll need to call your web developer.  And, of course, every time that happens his cash register is going to ring.

Then there’s the rest of the CMS systems on the market.  Most seem to have a way of complicating things… things that ought to be simple.  And which are those?  Well, take for example Joomla, Drupal and ExpressionEngine.  They’re great and powerful but you have to be a brain surgeon to figure them out.

Finally there’s WordPress, a powerful CMS that at times can be a little complicated for the developer but it’s easy to teach to the customer and fun to use.  Maybe that’s why one in every four sites on the Internet (including this one) are powered by WordPress.

At Accurate Communications we take care of your project from start to finish including: domain registration, hosting registration, website development, maintenance and training your personnel so they can maximize the many benefits that WordPress has to offer.

You’ll end up with a modern and flexible site with a control panel that will allow you and the employees that you designate to change the content at will without jeopardizing the structural aspects.  If you can use a word processor you’ll be using WordPress in no time at all!

Give us a call right now and start benefiting from the world’s most popular, powerful and easy to use content management system.