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The accurate communication of corporate facts is both a crucial operation and a delicate process. Overall effectiveness depends on detailed need assessment and careful design of appropriate information materials.

HIPAA PublicationAccurate Communications will assist management in the effective design and production of all types of printed materials including: employee handbooks, newsletters, booklets, brochures and posters.

Our personnel will carefully evaluate your project and provide assistance in areas such as effective copywriting (both Spanish or English), translations, photography, cartooning, illustration and whatever else is needed to produce top quality materials that will communicate your message effectively, efficiently and “accurately”.

Employe Handbooks

Producing an Employee Handbook can be a colossal endeavor.  Many times we seek the help of colleagues within our organization and end up with something that resembles Frankenstein’s monster.  It’s alive, but it’s somewhat traumatized.

When we send it out to the printing shop problems multiply.  Why?  Because printing companies are only good at one thing.  They print.  They don’t know about writing and they certainly know nothing about human resources.  Asking them to check your copy is asking for trouble.  Horror!

At Accurate Communications we’ve published Employee Handbooks for many of Puerto Rico’s most prestigious organizations.  We are not a printing company, but we’re certainly communications experts.  Our 20 years of experience allow us, not only to detect errors in grammar and style, but to detect incongruence’s and omissions within the copy itself and point them out to our customers before they reach the printed piece.

After we have copy that actually “communicates” we put together a pleasing and modern design that propels the company’s image.

There’s nothing worse than printing a Frankenstein.  It speaks poorly of your organization.  One minute you have copy in the first person, then in the second, grammar errors everywhere, obsolete information.  People simply throw it aside.  And if people throw it aside, what have you actually saved?

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